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Treats for theatre

Culinary treats for theatre visits

Treats for theatre | Presto serves light sweet and savoury bites during performance intermissions. You also have the option to pre-order the dishes but we ask you to do so at least one day before your visit.

To place a same-day order, please speak to our restaurant direct on tel.
09 6128 5350 or contact your ticketing service.

The food you have ordered will be available one hour before the start of your show or during the intermission.

Please use this form to submit orders for the following working day or later. Select the dishes you would like and click ”Submit”. We will process your order as soon as possible, and always at least by the next working day.

We will contact you by e-mail once we have accepted your order.

Order must be paid to the restaurant before the show starts
We accept all major credit and debit cards