Here’s how to take a part on this free trip to Milan :

1. Follow our Instagram account (@RavintolaPresto) or/and Facebook (Ravintola Presto).

2. Make at least two reservations through our website using the gift code “PRESTOGOESMILAN”. One reservation should be for January and one for February 2019 (between Monday to Thursday 17:00 to 20:00).

Welcome onboard to an Italian journey!


Terms & Conditions of the give away gift Trip to Milan.

1. This give away is not a competition or a challenge between Ravintola Presto or it’s guests!
2. To participate, guests should make a table booking ONLY through our website (http://www.ravintolapresto.fi) of minimum two people.
3. The reservation should be within the following times: From Monday to Thursday between 17:00 and 20:00.
4. To participate, guests should make two bookings minimum. First booking should be during January 2019 and second booking should be during February 2019. Every time a guest makes a table reservation through the methods above mentioned, a new ticket with their name will be automatically generated, therefore it’s increases the chances of winning this extraordinary gift .
5. When making a booking, participants should write the gift code “PRESTOGOESMILAN” in the message box.
6. NoHo and Scandic employees are not allowed to participate in this give away.
7. The winner gets complementary flights from Helsinki to Milan (round-trip) + hotel accommodation for two with breakfast included. Ravintola Presto is not responsible for any additional expenses the winners may have; transport from and to the airports, meals outside those mentioned previously etc. This gift is for three days and two nights in Milan, Italy.
8. The winners may choose the dates of their traveling throughout March – May, 2019. If the winners can’t travel for the months stated, another winner will be randomly chosen.
9. Should the automated system select you for this gift, we will personally contact you in order to proceed further.
10. Guests informations will be saved till the selection process and once the give away completed, all the guests information will be permanently deleted.
11. Instagram, Facebook or any other social media network where this give away appears are in no way related to Ravintola Presto or give away belonging to Ravintola Presto.
12. Ravintola Presto is not responsible for delays, flight cancellations or any third party’s failure to deliver their services.
13. In order to receive this gift, the participant must have liked our Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/RavintolaPresto) page or/and followed our Instagram account (@RavintolaPresto).
14. The give away ends on the 28th February 2019 at 18:00 and ”NO FEE” will be collected or charge for what so ever for taking part in this give away gift!